Life is too short to regret,

Come forward and let’s introspect.

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Am I Megalomaniac?

A feeling that have now crept up in me, Am I megalomaniac from what I see? My family since my childhood Has built up great dreams, My child is talented  She will excel in any field. Applause from my friends Comes the next, You are sure to succeed Just give it your best. But aContinue reading “Am I Megalomaniac?”


Life has come to a standstill, Did I just want to cross that hill? My passion, my energy is fading out, The vibrant me I know is missing out.…. Satisfaction is the key to peace, It relaxes me and I feel at ease. Its repercussion is however under-rated, It pauses my flow by keeping meContinue reading “SATISFACTION”


When I know I could be the Best, Why to be content with any less? When I can build my empire, Why to sit and only desire? When I can reach the apex, Why to stop after small success? When my mind can be in flow state, Why to let it stagnate? When I canContinue reading “Self-Reflection”

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